Music and dance are intrinsically related fields that I find fit together, especially, in composition.  As a primarily contemporary and modern dancer, I try to connect with music on the most intimate level possible to both tell a story and lose myself in the moment.


Choreography/Dance Credits

2013:    Detritus  (40') - choreographer, dancer, producer                                   Manhattan School of Music

2012:    Crude Civility   (50') - choreographer, dancer, producer                                   World Premier University Settlement

Assemblages (6') - choreographer, soloist, composer                                      National Choreography Month

2011:    Mnemose(5') - choreographer, soloist                                                   Symphony Space

Gray Areas (60’) - choreographer, producer, dancer                                        DUMBO Dance Festival

(dis)Grace  (6’) - choreographer, dancer                                                                     Fertile Ground, Greenspace

Mirrors (9’) - choreographer, featured dancer                                                         Dance New Amsterdam

Vox (5’) - composer, choreographer, soloist                                                            MMAC; Symphony Space, Manhattan School of Music

Speak (full, evening) (20’) - composer, choreographer, producer, dancer                    
Self, MMAC

Hush (10’) - choreographer, co-composer, featured dancer                          Manhattan School of Music

In a Cool, Green Hall (5’) - choreographer, producer, featured dancer                        
Manhattan School of Music                                                                                                  Alvin Ailey, JTLotus Dance

2010:   Esplorazione Spettrale (7’) - featured dance improviser, composer                             
Manhattan School of Music

Speak (excerpt); (4’) - choreographer, composer, poet, dancer                           Unyted Stylz Productions

Tableaux Vivants(evening, 20’) - composer, choreographer, producer, dancer                  
Wellesley College

Tell-Tale Heart (evening, 45’) - guest choreographer, featured dancer                          
Boston Center for theArts